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COVID-19 Update

Omni Physical Therapy is a private practice that is dedicated to providing the highest-quality, care. Our goal is to make your treatment as stress-free and therapeutic as possible, so we have created an environment that is private and safe. We are mindful that Coronavirus is on everyone's mind, so we want to assure you that maintaining social distance and cleanliness is not an issue at Omni.

One-On-One Care

Omni has offered one-on-one care since we first opened our doors, but the recent events have shown us just how important it is. Our patients are provided one-on-one care in a private treatment room so our therapists can carefully treat and understand their injuries and pain without any other distractions. One-on-one care and private treatment rooms are now more important than ever to help prevent germs, bacteria, and viruses. 

Private Entry

Omni Physical Therapy offers a private entry so our patients will not have to interact with anyone besides their therapist. Our patients can now pay over the phone or in advance to avoid stopping by the front desk. 

Cleanliness in the Clinic

Our staff works hard to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. We wipe down door handles, desks, chairs, you name it, we wipe it down with disinfecting wipes. We also disinfect all of our treatment tables with the strongest sanitizer on the market. We are doing everything we can to maintain safe treatment environments. 

Patient and Staff Screening

All patients will be screened when they walk through the door to ensure they are not exhibiting any symptoms. If a patient is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, they will be advised to return home and contact their physician. Our staff will also be screened daily to ensure they do not pass anything to our patients.

Limiting Visitors

We have eliminated all non-essential visits, including family members and staff, students, and vendors. 

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