Our Team

Our team values knowledge and has chosen to attain advanced clinical education and training, specialty certifications.  We have years of experience providing one on one hands-on healing designed to treat the body as a whole.  We require our therapists to meet the highest standards in the industry. Only then can they provide you with the excellent service you deserve. We all value and strive to achieve a loving, caring, and healthy environment to help you achieve your goals. 


Dr. Hunter Knight,  PT/DMT/COMT


Physical Therapist - Owner


Dr. Hunter Knight purchased Omni Physical Therapy in January 2009.  It has been her mission to provide effective care in an environment that maximizes healing.  She brings a combination of western and eastern medicine to her clinic giving her clients the choice of a spa-like environment, as well as state of the art sports and enhancement opportunities.  Dr. Knight recently completed an additional year-long certification in manual therapy to prepare her to start her fellowship training.


Alyssa Ruholl

Physical Therapist Tech

Alyssa is currently studying to be a Physical Therapist at Maryville University of St. Louis. Her hobbies include spending time outdoors, hiking, traveling, and attending sporting events. 


Julia Brinkley, PTA


Physical Therapist Assistant


Julia graduated from St Louis College of Health Careers-PTA, AAS with honors and graduated with a BS-Exercise Science From Truman State University. She lives in Ballwin with her husband, Jacob, and her daughter, Eleanore. She is a Cardinal and Blues fan.


Anna Patterson


Ashley website photo.jpg

Ashley Mosblech, PTA

Physical Therapist Assistant

Ashley graduated from St. Louis Community College where she completed the PTA program earning an AAS degree. She has a special interest in Women’s Health and Pelvic floor Therapy. Ashley is a  South St. Louis City native who enjoys weightlifting, hiking, and traveling.


Lisa Smout


Physical Therapist

Lisa Smout is a Physical Therapist and Master Personal Trainer.  She specializes in keeping her clients moving and finding exercise that makes them feel good!  Lisa received her degree in Physical Therapy in 1999 from Maryville University.


Additionally, she is a certified Personal Trainer and running coach.  She treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal/orthopedic conditions.  She particularly enjoys working with athletes, those who suffer from low back pain, and balance/fall prevention.  When not working, Lisa enjoys being active outside or watching documentaries.  She is married to Scott and has 3 teenagers.