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Medication Adds Days to Life; Physical Therapy Adds Life to Days

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Pain. A word that all of us are very familiar with; some more than others. It is too common that you see people missing out on the FUN things in life because they simply cannot handle the pain that comes with it. I’m here to tell you, your pain does not have to control you. We are right behind you every step of the way. Get YOUR life back. Participate in that marathon your kids have been begging you to do with them. Take your grandkids out to have fun at the park. Create those memories that your pain has been preventing you from making. Recovery is right around the corner and your physical therapist will be rooting for you throughout your journey to becoming pain-free!

Here are just a few of many reasons physical therapy WILL help you.

1. Physical Therapy is true pain management. Different techniques and therapeutic exercises help mobilize joints and soft tissue. It can restore muscle function, reduce aches, and eliminate your pain completely. When you follow your home exercise plan given to you by your therapist, it can prevent the pain from coming back.

2. Preventing future injuries. Your physical therapist will create a plan of care specifically designed for your needs. While assessing you, the therapist will pinpoint the weaker areas of the body and add strengthening techniques that can work those vulnerable points.

3. Physical Therapists not only treat pain but treat the source as well. Your therapist is going to look for those weak or stiff areas that could be creating stress to the places that your pain is coming from. They will include certain exercises to target those areas for ease of pain and improved mobility.

4. Physical Therapy can prevent you from having surgery. Not only can therapy be a pain reliever, but it can reverse some conditions completely or stop them from progressing. Surgery can be a very scary thing to endure. It can be extremely inconvenient, expensive, most of all uncomfortable. It also almost always comes with extended recovery time. Seek out treatment from a physical therapist to see if it would be beneficial to your specific needs. Instead of getting surgery or medication, get mobility!

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