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Wellness Rates and Packages All sessions are 60 Minutes* Single session $95  4 Sessions at $85.00 each = $340:     $40 Savings  6 Sessions at $75.00 each = $450:     $120 Savings 12 Sessions at $55.00 each = $660:     $480 Savings
Working together to achieve your goals
Omni offers you a peaceful place of well being, surpassing the traditional spa experience. We specialize in injury prevention and recovery, as well as invite you to indulge in the ultimate relaxing experience. Our massage is performed by a professional that is licensed in physical therapy and trained in manual therapy. The relaxing touch of our therapist will help to promote an over all sense of well being.  So, come in, relax and enjoy. It is our mission to help you recover and escape from the everyday stresses life may send your way!
     Omni Wellness Massage Service
     Omni Wellness Personal Training Service
Our team here at Omni are aware that you may have limitations or pre-existing conditions that may affect the way that you go about working toward your health related goals. We offer personal training services from certified trainers that are also licensed in physical therapy and qualified to address any other concerns that you may have. You can be confident that your trainer will keep all of your needs in mind, while helping you to achieve your fitness and wellness goals.
Please call for details about packages. All sessions are to be scheduled cooperatively between you and your therapist or trainer. Once purchased, packages are non-refundable. Purchased sessions are available to you for up to a year from date of purchase. Please call or email to schedule an appointment.
Track Record Our Promise To You 	Knowledge & Experience 	Respect & Understanding 	Compassion & Attention 	Motivation & Empowerment  Patient Testimonials Here what our patrons have said about the quality of our care.   	90% Exceeded expectations. 	10%  Met Expectations 	100% Refer us to family or friends.
Please note that there is a $45.00 cancellation fee for all services if notice of cancellation is not given greater than 24 hours prior to the start time of the appointment. Thank you for your consideration.
The Omni Wellness Program
Assessment Rate Assessment session is 60 Minutes* Cost of session $95
Assessment Rate Assessment session is 60 Minutes* Cost of session $95
Wellness is the state of being healthy in body and mind. A wellness program is a group of services designed to promote these qualities, prevent injuries or illness and prolong life with a holistic approach to improving ones health. At Omni, we provide services that we believe will improve your quality of life and sense of well being as a person. We treat each person as an individual and speak with you to determine what types of services will best meet your needs. Call or email us. We’d love the opportunity to see what we can do for you.
     Falls Risk Assessment and Recommendations
     Sports Injury Risk Assessment and Performance Enhancement
As we age, our balance and stability naturally decline. Many of us accept this as an unavoidable development but that is often not the case. Much of this can be avoided with proper conditioning and education. Our staff here at Omni are trained and qualified to provide a risk assessment to determine if a person is at a higher risk of having a fall, and if so, to outline a plan to address this concern and reduce this risk. If you fear that you or a loved one may be at risk for a fall, please give us a call. We’d love to help.
Sports related injuries, especially in youth leagues, are on the rise. Coaches and personnel are often too overwhelmed during the limited practice times to give each individual the one-on-one attention that some may benefit from. At Omni, our staff are qualified to assess areas of weakness or imbalance that may put an athlete at increased risk of injury and outline a plan to address these concerns. In addition, through our personal training service, we can provide strengthening, conditioning, balance and coordination training that will help to improve athletic performance.
The purpose of these services is to improve the overall wellness of our clientèle. Because of this, any package purchased may be used for any of the services mentioned here that are provided by our clinic. We encourage you to take advantage of this as your needs develop and change.