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Biofreeze Biofreeze cold therapy pain relief, is a menthol based topical pain reliever. It works great on muscle and joint pain from injury or arthritis. This product can be purchased in gel form, with a roll on applicator, or in a spray can.
Stability Balls The stability ball is an excellent tool for providing controlled instability to improve balance, coordination, and core strength. There is a multitude of exercises and activities that can be performed with the stability ball to gain benefits. This product is carried in different sizes. Consult with one of our qualified therapists to find the size that is right for you.
Resistance Bands Resistance bands provide a unique and effective method of improving strength. A resistance band is a versatile tool that can be used for an abundance of exercises and provides convenience. This product comes in different levels of resistance. Each represented by a different color. Consult with one of our qualified therapist to find the resistance that is right for you.
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Other Products That We Carry
Hot/Cold Pack Compression Stockings Over the Door Cervical Traction Units Over the Door Exercise Pulley System Leg Lifter Prostretcher Pedal Exerciser Foam Roller Electrodes
Back Hugger Lumbar Support Massage Lotion Balance Board Rocker Board Wobble Board BOSU Ball Foam Balance Pad Therapy Putty Crutches
Product That We Carry
Omni Physical Therapy also carries many other fine products. Please call or email for details and product pricing. All items are sold in store. Most items are kept in stock but some items may need to be ordered.
Here at Omni we carry a wide variety of products to meet all of your wellness needs. The items we carry are designed to be used in conjunction with therapy and/or as part of a home exercise program for improved health and management of symptoms. All of these items that we carry are selected with the client in mind. We only carry high quality items that are manufactured by brands that we trust.
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