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About Us
Omni Physical Therapy is a privately owned out-patient physical therapy practice in the Des Peres area. It was founded in 2009 by physical therapist Dr. Hunter Knight.  Omni was created to provide one-on-one care with a personal touch in a professional environment. Omni is an all inclusive source of outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation, manual therapy, and sports enhancement. At Omni, we draw upon the most effective therapeutic methods to develop a treatment program carefully tailored to your current abilities and treatment goals. Through dedicated one-on-one care, we help you improve your motor skills, compensate for skills that are lacking, and improve your quality of life. From the initial evaluation to post-therapy follow up, our clients receive outstanding care at every step. We hold an excellent reputation in the community, and pride ourselves on being highly recommended to friends and family. Besides first rate physical therapy services, we also provide massage and personal training services to meet the need of and improve the overall wellness of each person that walks through the door.
Our Core Values
Knowledge and experience We pride ourself on educating ourselves on current best practices to provide you with the highest level of care. We also place emphasis on educating you so that you can be a knowledgeable part of our team approach to your care. Respect and understanding We respect your voice and ideas and encourage you to be an active member in your care. We take care to understand your and value your experience and point of view. Compassion and attention We provide empathetic and compassionate care by making symptomatic treatment a priority. We attentive to all of your needs by treating your needs as a whole and not simply focusing on your diagnosis. Motivation and empowerment Our focus is on empowering you to meet your goals set collaboratively between you and your therapist. We provide a positive and uplifting environment to provide you with motivation and encouragement.
Our Mission Statement “To gratefully provide the highest level of care and best possible experience to each and every person that is in our care.”